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Coded Cultures: Festival for fringe research and experimental arts. OPENISM is the 6th issue of Coded Cultures discussing concepts of openness with a focus on open hardware and open technologies and their implications for art, science and society.

when home won’t let you stay

Exhibition at Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Schönlaterngasse 5, 1010 Vienna

5 - 25 May 2016


Curator: Işın Önol

Participating artists: 

Europe´s Duty - DIEM 25 in Austria w. S. Sassen, Y. Varoufakis & Sr. Horvat, May 5th, 2016


Join us in Vienna for Art´s Birthday 2016 in honor of Robert Adrian X

Art’s Birthday 2016 – 1,000,053 Years of Art

Celebrating Art’s Birthday is a tradition started by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou who declared, on January 17th 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when somebody dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water.

"Fluxus cannot save the world ..." - join our talk at 32c3 in Hamburg

It´s this time of year again and the Chaos Computer Club invites ‘all galactic life forms’ to Hamburg, Germany. Join our lecture about Fluxus cannot save the world on Day 3, December 29th, at 2pm at Saal 6.

dieangewandte-Artist Talk: Ben Patterson (Musiker, Künstler, Fluxus-Pioneer) in der Klasse für Digitale Kunst, 19.1.2012

Public Lecture

19. Januar 2012, 14.00 Uhr  bis 15.30 Uhr
Angewandte, Abteilung für Digitale Kunst, Expositur Sterngasse 13, 1010 Wien

Benjamin Patterson

"Make a Salad" - Art Historian Petra Stegmann lectures on Fluxus Scores at the Free Class, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

As an art historian, Petra Stegmann has been researching into diverse aspects of the Fluxus legacy during recent years.

Future Fluxus in Coded Cultures

Future Fluxus - The alternative Net we need and how we can build it ourselves

Date: Thursday 29.9.2011
Location: Urania, Vienna
Starting: from 7 pm, open End, afterwards @ LABfactory –, Praterstrasse 42 -  Vienna Experimental Lounge

FUTURE FLUXUS - IS FLUXUS DEAD? - A Performance Symposium about the Fluxus Movement

Future Fluxus! Is Fluxus dead? - Ist Fluxus gestorben?

Please scroll down for the German version

04 June 2011, 10am - 11pm:
Performance Symposium on the Past, Present and Future of the Fluxus-Movement

Location 10am-10pm: 3raum
-Anatomietheater, Beatrixgasse 11, 1030 Wien (; to the map)
Location after 10pm: v.esch - Verein für Raum und Form in der bildenden Kunst,
Schikanedergasse 11, 1040 Wien

Fluxus means change among other things. The Fluxus of 1992 is not the Fluxus of 1962 and if it pretends to be - then it is fake. The real Fluxus moves out from its old center into many directions, and the paths are not easy to recognize without lining up new pieces, middle pieces and old pieces together. Dick Higgins

Future Fluxus! Is Fluxus dead? A Performance Symposium