Transforming Freedom is a radar for digital culture

It scans the electronic airwaves for exemplary voices and documents of recent decades and uses the latest technologies to broadcast its own programs. It examines the background of the major cultural transformations of our time from the perspective of the inventors and originators.

Okay, but what is it all about?

We are building an archive of selected interviews, focusing on digital culture, it's technical, political, theoretical and artistic trends and historical backgrounds. The interviews are accessible for free as streamed audio files as well as in transcribed form including timecode links.

Who are you?

Transforming Freedom is a non-profit-organization.
The core team consists of the following members: Volker Eckl, Leo Findeisen, Tobias Nöbauer, Armin Wagner and Sari Zott.

How to get in contact with you?

Either you send us an email or you refer to the contact page.

Which applications are you using?

We are using Drupal as content management system combined with Red5. The timecode links are done by Javascript. Some people call this “deep linking”. We call it “hyperaudio”.

What about licensing stuff?

Contents on Transforming Freedom are generally licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Austria License, but there are exceptions (check the “Metadata”).

Does your site support open standards?

This site conforms to the following standards:
Valid XHTML, Valid CSS, ANY Browser, Section 508, WAI-AAA.