Art’s Birthday 2022! Distant art festivities all over the globe

RobertFilliou-ArtsBirthday-TF-2022: Robert Filliou, Fluxus artist and inventor of Art´s Birthday. Events take place at his own birthday date, Jan 17th

Art’s Birthday 2020! Join art festivities all over the globe

A cherished annual practise for many in the arts & science circles has   the ‘17th of January’ attached to it since many years.

Sylvester Party at our office in Vienna


Celebrations are to be expected to last until the early morning of a new decade, welcome in case you are around!

Location: Office of Rahmenwerk, Fürstenhof, close to Mariahilferstrasse
Time: 31.1.2019 - 01.01.2020

Hyper Audio Linking coming to Utrecht – DH 2019 Conference

Please note: Due to familial circumstances, we unfortunately have to cancel the workshop. We would like to apologize to all participants and to the organizers for the inconveniences caused by this development and we wish you an excellent time at the DH2019 conference.

Hyper Audio Linking and Speech to Text at EADH conference 2018

Hyper Audio Linking at the EADH-conference 2018 Galway University: Galway University EADH-conference 2018

leo lädt - 31.3.17 - fluc vienna

March 31st, 2017 - One of the founding members of Transforming Freedom in 2004, Leo Findeisen, is celebrating his birthday at the fluc venue in Vienna:


Art’s Birthday 2017! - Vienna/Graz/Brno

Dear friends and radio art lovers!

Tune in to Kunstradio on January 15th and listen to the new piece “For
Morton Feldman ? a radio work” by Rupert Huber and Roberto Paci Dalò


And please join us for Art’s Birthday 2017!

Stay with me - Artists´ Diaries from Istanbul - 21erHaus Exhibition Opening

„At a point, as we were just standing there, ‘something’ else began. We were on the streets. Side by side. We didn’t even know each other, but we were side by side. We were there. This was the hope itself. The spirit of solidarity, the challenge, standing side by side…. Then, nothing changed. We clammed up. … Now, we are tired.

Die Kunst der Geräusche - Zum „autonomen Bruitismus“ seit Luigi Russolo, mit. J. Ullmaier

Die Kunst der Geräusche - Zu Geschichte und Gegenwart des „autonomen Bruitismus“ seit Luigi Russolo. Vortrag von Johannes Ullmaier.

Salon für Kunstbuch 21erhaus, Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016, 7pm